As provided for in Section 1(c) of the LIMITED USE SOFTWARE AND DATA LICENSE AND SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT that you have entered into with Investortools, your use of the Software Products is subject to the following terms:

You may be required to enter into, or to comply with the terms of, a third-party licensor agreement. Those terms may be supplied to you within the Software Products, on this website, or directly by the third-party licensor. We are from time to time required to provide our client contact details to our third party data suppliers to the extent that they need such details in order to enable them to execute their contractual responsibilities.

You are responsible for any and all costs and fees associated with agreements entered into with any such third-party licensor. If a third-party licensor ceases to make its service available to Investortools or requires Investortools to suspend or terminate the provision of all or any part of its services to you, or if Investortools terminates its arrangements with the third-party licensor, then Investortools may suspend or terminate that part of its services immediately without notice or further obligation to you.

Please click on any of the links below to see the additional terms and conditions imposed by the following third-party data providers regarding use of their data: