Empowering institutional investors, investment bankers and credit analysts with a comprehensive credit analysis system for taxable or tax-exempt financial data


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CreditScope is financial data, research tools and a repository for your own research, ratings and opinions tailored for anyone concerned about credit of municipal and corporate bond obligors.


How CreditScope works for you:

CreditScope Municipal Edition 

CreditScope Municipal Edition incorporates delivery of thousands of tax-exempt credits with a robust variety of flexible credit analysis tools. In partnership with Merritt Research Services, CreditScope combines consistently fielded financial and pension data, credit analytics, and credit monitoring tools into one comprehensive software system. With access to EMMA documents, demographics, ratings, source documents and more, users save time collecting data, assessing credit risk and organizing historical credit reviews. Credits, research, and opinions can be automatically linked to portfolio holdings to identifying trading opportunities and ensure thorough surveillance.


CreditScope Corporate Edition

CreditScope Corporate Edition integrates consistently fielded financial data for corporate credits, provided by Mergent, Inc., with customizable credit analysis tools. Credits are grouped into their industry sectors and can be paired with portfolio holdings. CreditScope Corporate Edition spares users the time spent collecting and filtering data, freeing them to uncover trading opportunities, monitor their credit risk, and make credit recommendations.


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