Perform® FSD

Refocus the time you spend collecting, scanning, and reviewing client portfolios and transform your productivity and sales with Perform for Securities Dealers.

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Our clients
use Perform FSD for:


Perform for Securities Dealers is a system designed to enhance the production of institutional fixed income sales personnel.

How Perform FSD works for you:

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Perform for Securities Dealers eliminates the need to manage Excel spreadsheets and provides a link for downloading client portfolios to the salesmen covering their accounts.


recapturing your time

It also allows for sales people to look across all of the holdings in their customer portfolios to analyze these holdings and to come up with trading ideas. These trading ideas, through the system, can then be electronically exported to the portfolio managers, enabling them to make decisions as to whether or not to execute the suggested trades. Most importantly, what Perform For Securities Dealers provides is time. Time for the sales force to do what it is there to do, and that’s sell.


The number one benefit to subscribing to Perform for Securities Dealers is increased sales.

Having more time to analyze customer portfolios, sales people are enabled to make more suggestions with regard to swaps and trades. Our clients tell us that with Perform FSD, their sales person can become the right-hand man of a portfolio manager.  They work hand in glove with portfolio managers in realizing the manager’s objectives of enhancing total return and reaching their targets.

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