Stress testing and compliance for fixed income money funds and short duration portfolios at your fingertips.

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Our clients
use Smart for:


Smart eliminates the need for expensive compliance systems and spreadsheets. You have everything you need for fixed income money funds and short maturity portfolios. Smart is used by one-man operations and also by the largest short duration managers in fixed income. 


How Smart works for you:

Stress testing and compliance

Smart easily supports the complications of stress testing as well as compliance and trade ticketing.  Presentations for clients and investment Boards can be done with a few clicks of the mouse. Features such as “break the buck” analysis, the impact of simulated redemptions and spread changes, cash flow projections, exposure reporting at different levels, LOC expirations, and more are all standard.  Pre and post-trade compliance are presented in a context of enhanced portfolio analytics.


and history

Operational necessities such as rate changes, maturity re-investment, and CP rollovers are handled with ease.  Additionally, Smart captures your complete portfolio history and provides historical views as needed.

as always

Of course, like so much of Investortools software, Smart can be combined with our widely-used CreditScope credit analysis software.  This enables the combination of short and long duration portfolio management and credit analysis into one software suite, accessible across multiple departments and locations.  


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