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Investortools Support

Unlimited world-class-support

Free monthly software updates

Complimentary product training and support

Hassle-free 30-day cancellations


Portfolio Management

Industry-leading portfolio management

Front-end trading

Real-time electronic trading platform support

Portfolio management tools to scale your SMA business

Portfolio vs. index and index-only scenario analysis

Short maturity Institutional, SMA and Fund management tools

2a-7 compliance & stress testing


Powerful Workflow

Software customization to meet specific needs

Out-of-the box integration with our other products

Import and analyze buy-side portfolios

Allows dealers to quickly discover trade ideas to suggest to their clients


Compliance Features

Robust trade compliance (pre-trade, time-of-trade, and post trade testing)

125+ compliance rule types

Build your own compliance rules



Comprehensive portfolio analytics and reporting

Industry leading option-adjusted modeling

Portfolio shock and swap analysis

Total return performance analysis on your portfolios

Constituent-level index data

Comprehensive index analytics and reporting

Create custom index definitions to match investment parameters and constraints

Powerful performance attribution


Research Data on-demand

Credit scoring and ranking tools identify risks and triage credits needing review

Delivers consistently fielded financial data for 9,000 municipal credits

Consolidates demographic data from the U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis and the FBI on a single platform.

Links over 61,000 municipal obligors with their associated bond issues

Combines financial data, credit analytics, and credit monitoring tools into one system

Integrated credit review workflow