Third Party Terms and Conditions - Standard & Poor’s Ratings Information

For the purpose of these Third Party Terms and Conditions, “Distributor" shall refer to Licensor. Further, “Information” shall refer to Standard & Poor’s (“S&P”) Ratings Information. S&P including its subsidiary corporations is a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc.

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the applicable Order Schedule, LICENSEE shall provide access to only those "Subscribers” specifically identified and set forth in the applicable Order Schedule. “Subscriber” shall mean one or more of the following terms:

(i)         “Authorized Users” shall mean employees of LICENSEE who can access any of the S&P Services for their internal use for business purposes only, via a password/user ID issued by LICENSEE.

(ii)        “Licensee Customer” shall mean an entity that (a) provides access to the S&P Services to its employees only for their internal use for business purposes; and (b) can access any of the S&P Services only via a password/user ID issued by LICENSEE.

(iii)       “End User” shall mean an individual (a) whose use of the S&P Services shall be solely for his/her personal non-commercial use; and (b) who can access any of the S&P Services only via a password/user ID issued by LICENSEE.

(1) Limit on Liability

Neither Distributor, S&P, their affiliates nor any third-party licensor shall have any liability for the accuracy or completeness of the Information or Software furnished through the Distributor or for delays, interruptions or omissions therein nor for any lost profits, indirect, special or consequential damages. S&P GIVES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED, ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE.

(2) Proprietary Notice

Data provided by Standard & Poor’s, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Copyright © 2012, Standard & Poor’s a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Either Distributor, S&P, their affiliates or third-party licensors have exclusive proprietary rights in any Information and Software received.

(3) Authorized Use

(a)       Subscriber shall not use or permit anyone to use the Information or Software provided through the Distributor for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose.

(b)       Subscriber is not authorized or permitted to furnish such Information or Software to any person or firm for reuse or retransmission without prior written approval of the source of such Information or Software.

(4) Term & Termination

Access to the S&P Services is subject to termination in the event that any agreement between Distributor and a provider of Information or Software distributed through the Distributor is terminated in accordance with its terms.