Perform is a fixed income portfolio analysis system used by over 150 fund, institutional and private wealth managers. Features include model-based trade allocation, compliance, trade messaging, and performance attribution.


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Perform is used by some of the largest mutual funds, banks, and insurance companies along with distinctive and prominent private account managers.


How Perform works for you:


  • Industry leading option-adjusted modeling
  • Portfolio shock analysis including parallel and non-parallel spreads
  • Portfolio effects of simulated transactions
  • GIPS-compliance total return performance analysis on your portfolios


  • Same-system integration of portfolio management with the CreditScope credit analysis software
  • Same-system integration of of long bond portfolio management with the SMART short maturity portfolio system (including 2a-7 compliance)
  • Same-system integration with Custom Index Manager index total return and risk attribution system


  • Built-in fast flexible reports that can replace your spreadsheets
  • Produce reports that are immediately presentable to your clients
  • Produce historical reports
  • Over 150 fields available to create your own reports

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Perform for Private Clients


Combining fixed income analysis and private account management

Perform for Private Clients (Perform FPC) delivers all the analytic power of the standard Perform platform, along with features designed specifically for managers of multiple client portfolios. 



Perform for Securities Dealers (Perform FSD) is a software tool enabling securities dealers to improve sales and productivity.  Perform FSD provides the capability to import and analyze buy-side portfolios.

The Perform portfolio management system provides fixed income investment professionals with sophisticated indexing, analysis, reporting and modeling.


How Perform FPC works for you:

Separate Account Management

  • Addresses account-specific compliance problems
  • Addresses account investment objectives
  • Addresses multi-account reporting


  • Create trade tickets
  • Allocate trades across accounts
  • Export trade files
  • Run compliance tests pre-or-post trade
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail and decision history


  • Addresses account investment objectives
  • Addresses multi-account reporting
  • Streamlined process creates presentations for existing and prospective accounts
  •  Addresses account-specific compliance problems