Unparalleled dedication to your specific business needs

The goal of the Investortools Client Services department is to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. We will do this by providing expert training, comprehensive support, and solutions to our client’s specific business challenges. You will find our service to be excellent all the way through – both prior to product installation and in the years that follow. 


service exceedingly beyond a help desk

Investortools’ Client Services is unique in that we are not a help center. When you call you get a person in our Chicago office, not an automated system or machine. Each client has a designated Client Relationship Manager assigned to them. The Client Relationship Manager is going to focus on building a relationship with the client. They’re going to work to understand the client’s needs, to deliver a comprehensive solution to their needs, and this may include assisting the sales person, installing the software, training the users and providing assistance with customization and ongoing support for the client.

dedicated to understanding your business

Each of our clients are assigned a specific Client Relationship Manager (CRM), who focuses on understanding his or her client’s specific business approaches and unique operational processes. CRMs work not only with the primary users of the system, but they work very closely with the IT and support groups at the client’s location. They also travel to visit their clients as needed and conduct on-site training at no extra charge. If a client requests software customization, our Client Services staff works closely with our developers to make sure the client’s request and needs are met. Because our Client Relationship Managers understand our software and are trained in the technicalities of fixed income, they are able to serve our clients on a more personal level. These are just a few of the reasons why our clients often tell us that Investortools provides the best service in the industry.