Perform is a fixed income portfolio analysis system used by over 150 fund, institutional and private wealth managers. Features include model-based trade allocation, compliance, trade messaging, and performance attribution.

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Perform is used by some of the largest mutual funds, banks, and insurance companies along with distinctive and prominent private account managers.


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Powerful Analytics

  • Industry leading option-adjusted modeling
  • Portfolio shock analysis including parallel and non-parallel spreads
  • Portfolio effects of simulated transactions
  • GIPS-compliance total return performance analysis on your portfolios


  • Same-system integration of portfolio management with the CreditScope credit analysis software
  • Same-system integration of of long bond portfolio management with the SMART short maturity portfolio system (including 2a-7 compliance)
  • Same-system integration with Custom Index Manager index total return and risk attribution system


  • Built-in fast flexible reports that can replace your spreadsheets
  • Produce reports that are immediately presentable to your clients
  • Produce historical reports
  • Over 150 fields available to create your own reports

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