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Business partnerships and outside system integration

Investortools software systems integrate with many other systems you already use – communicating with the accounting systems of record, custodians, and downstream trading systems.

Integrate it all with Investortools®

Investortools systems can also be used as a front-end trading platform, which can include customizable compliance. Perform’s front-end functionality brings the unique advantage of integrating portfolio analytics, reporting, and other fixed income analysis such as credit research and total return attribution.


Our continual mission to improve portfolio management includes partnering with these industry leaders:


Bank of America Merrill Lynch® - Fixed Income Indexes 

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is a leader in global credit markets, providing innovative financing solutions to clients all over the world. Merrill Lynch Fixed Income Indexes present a comprehensive view of the broad spectrum of fixed income markets. 

For more information, please visit Bank of America Merrill Lynch.


Barclays Capital - Fixed Income Indices

The Barclays Indices platform offers market leading benchmarks and alpha generating index products to meet the diverse needs of global investors including investment and market analysis of both alpha and beta sources, portfolio benchmarking and performance measurement, asset allocation, and the creation of index tracking funds and index based structured products.

For more information, please visit Barclays Capital.



Best Credit Data is a leading provider of evaluated pricing for
Municipal and Corporate bonds.  Best Credit Data delivers daily
evaluated prices for the full universe of approximately 1.25 million municipal bond products in the US market, including investment grade, high yield, derivatives, single and multi-family housing, and taxable municipals (BAB, Student Loan, Public Improvement).

For more information, please visit Best Credit Data.


Bitvore Corp.

Bitvore Corporation, founded in 2010, is a business software company in Irvine, CA with employees in California and New York. Bitvore develops advancements in artificial intelligence to offer executives and investment professionals personalized, proactive and precise intelligence about businesses of the world.  

For more information, please visit


Bloomberg® Data License

Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions delivers a suite of products and services that enables clients to seamlessly and transparently manage their data and technology infrastructure from the desktop end-user through to back-office operations. Our products and services build-on Bloomberg’s core strength – leveraging technology to allow customers to access, integrate, distribute and manage content across an organization more efficiently. Enterprise Solutions provides the scalability and reliability of Bloomberg’s own global infrastructure and a keen understanding of how to manage financial information across a global organization. 

Investortools’ Perform® product and Smart® product are registered with Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions Partner Program, meaning that they can integrate with Bloomberg data and technology.  

For more information, please visit


Chapdelaine Tullett Prebon

For over 30 years, Chapdelaine, the wholly owned subsidiary of Tullett Prebon Financial Services (T.P.F.S.) has built its reputation as the preeminent municipal broker’s broker. Coupling our traditional voice brokerage comprised of 40 brokers across 4 regional offices with best in class technology, we offer the most comprehensive and efficient bid wanted procurement option available. With a unique concentration on SMA managers, our customer-centric focus aims to accommodate their requirements whilst satisfying the regulatory driven evolution within the marketplace. T.P.F.S. earned the distinction as a global leader in interdealer brokerage, operating as an intermediary in the wholesale financial and energy sectors. Maintaining offices in 24 countries, we offer voice, electronic, hybrid, algorithmic matching and risk mitigation platforms across the spectrum of financial instruments. 

For more information, please visit Tullett Prebon.


CUSIP Global Services

CUSIP Global Services (CGS) is dedicated to driving efficient trading, clearing, and settlement in capital markets throughout the world by providing a unique common language for identifying financial instruments across institutions, exchanges, and nations. With over 40 years of experience in the securities identification business, CGS is the world leader in developing innovative solutions to reference data challenges.

 For more information, please visit Cusip Global Services


ICE Benchmark Administration Limited

ICE Benchmark Administration Limited (IBA) was established in July 2013 following an announcement by the Hogg Tendering Advisory Committee, an independent committee set up by the UK government to select the new administrator for the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).
ICE LIBOR provides an indication of the average rate at which a LIBOR contributor bank can obtain unsecured funding in the London interbank market for a given period, in a given currency. Individual ICE LIBOR rates are the end-product of a calculation based upon submissions from LIBOR contributor banks.

For more information, please visit ICE Benchmark Administration Limited.


Interactive Data

Interactive Data Corporation is a trusted leader in financial information. Thousands of financial institutions and active traders, as well as hundreds of software and service providers, subscribe to Interactive Data Corporation’s fixed income evaluations, reference data, real-time market data, trading infrastructure services, fixed income analytics, desktop solutions and web-based solutions.

Pricing, evaluations, and reference data are provided in the U.S. through Interactive Data Pricing and Reference Data, Inc. and internationally through Interactive Data (Europe) Ltd. and Interactive Data (Australia) Pty Ltd.

For more information, please visit Interactive Data.


Kalotay Analytics

Kalotay Analytics provides high-speed, high-precision software to some of the most sophisticated fixed income market participants. From real-time pricing of bond ETF’s to instantaneous MBS portfolio analysis for risk managers, its patented technology performs computationally intensive calculations in nanoseconds. The latest addition to its suite of libraries is MuniOAS™, which brings after-tax OAS-based valuation to munis and captures their true price sensitivity to interest rates.

For more information, please visit Kalotay Analytics.



Lumesis, Inc. is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-based financial technology company dedicated to delivering simple-to-use, powerful technology for the Fixed Income Municipal Marketplace. Providing access to hundreds of datasets from more than 100 sources, DIVER solutions leverage the most current economic and demographic data available from both public and private sources.

For more information, please visit Lumesis, Inc.


Mergent, Inc. is a leading provider of business and financial data on publicly listed global companies. For over 100 years, Mergent has been a trusted partner to academic, corporate, and financial research professionals and institutions worldwide. Today, Mergent is creating global financial data solutions daily, combining expertise with the latest technology for clients.

For more information, please visit Mergent, Inc.



Merritt Research Services is a provider of municipal bond credit and issue information. Merritt Research Services provides key financial data and operating statistics on over 10,000 credits, with built-in access to official audit images including footnotes. Merritt Research Services also provides historical credit memos of particular relevance to understanding credits. Credit data is primarily delivered through Investortools’ CreditScope credit analysis system. By linking credits to issues to portfolio holdings, a fixed income team can access one common system where credit analysts maintain all their credit research, create accurate exposure analysis, and allow portfolio managers to analyze their holdings.

For more information, please visit Merritt Research.



Moody’s Ratings provide investors with a simple system of gradation by which future relative creditworthiness of securities may be gauged. Moody’s is an essential component of the global capital markets, providing credit ratings, research, tools, and analysis that contribute to transparent and integrated financial markets. Moody’s Corporation is the parent company of Moody’s Investors Service, which provides credit ratings and research covering debt instruments and securities, and Moody’s Analytics, which offers leading-edge software, advisory services, and research for credit and economic analysis and financial risk management.

For more information, please visit Moody’s Ratings.



MuniAxis is building the first municipal auction platform with the principles of openness and transparency at its core. MuniAxis is designed to provide an efficient transaction flow between buyer and seller of odd-lots — improving results for both.

For more information, please visit MuniAxis.



The MSRB protects investors, state and local governments, other municipal entities, and the public interest by promoting a fair and efficient municipal securities market. The MSRB fulfills this mission by regulating the municipal securities firms, banks, and municipal advisors that engage in municipal securities and advisory activities. To further protect market participants, the MSRB provides market transparency through its Electronic Municipal Market Access(EMMA®)website, the official repository for information on all municipal bonds.

For more information, please visit the MSRB.


MuniNet Guide is a municipal research website focusing on state and local government, public finance, municipal bonds, and U.S. demographic and employment trends. MuniNet provides cutting-edge, unique commentaries and perspectives on timely municipal topics, including fiscal distress, Chapter 9, and public pensions, as well as links and articles pertaining to the various sectors of the municipal bond market – including education, healthcare, housing, infrastructure, and more. The site also streamlines data on U.S. states, counties and cities, providing a snapshot view of local demographic, economic, and employment trends.

For more information, please visit     



Founded in 2003, RMG Financial Consulting provides credit risk management services and related products to power producers, utilities, energy traders, oil companies, natural gas producers and pipelines, municipal utilities, power cooperatives, and others in the financial and energy industry. Their services and products are tailored to credit professionals in the energy industry, and they recognize the importance of our independence as an objective third party, which is reflected in their in-depth credit reports and credit scoring.

For more information, please visit RMG Financial Consulting.



The Yield Book is the trusted and authoritative source for fixed income analytics that enables market makers and institutional investors to perform complex and accurate portfolio analysis and risk management. Now in its third decade, The Yield Book carries on its legacy of helping clients distill large quantities of complex data in order to reach a decision point.

The Yield Book’s leading models are developed in collaboration with Citi research and strategy teams, and used by Citi’s own traders. Yield Book products offer analytical insight into an extensive range of financial products in the fixed income space including Governments, Agencies, Corporates, High-Yield, Emerging Markets, Mortgages, ABS, CMBS, CMOs, and Derivatives. Powerful technology utilizing dedicated centralized servers ensures reliable, prompt data delivery. The Yield Book’s global team of analysts and engineers provide training, analytics, usage, and technical support to customers around the world.

For more information, please visit The Yield Book is a registered service mark of The Yield Book Inc. and is registered in the U.S. and other countries. Citi is a trademark and service mark of Citigroup Inc. or its affiliates and are used and registered throughout the world.



Thomson Municipal Market Monitor (TM3) comprises several key elements: news, primary market information, MMD proprietary yield curves and commentary, MSRB trade reporting tools, MuniView CUSIP and deal lookup functions, MuniStatements, and the MMD VRDN network, from which the SIFMA index is derived.

For more information, please visit Thomson Reuters TM3.