User Experience Developer

What You Will Do:

User Experience (UX) developers as a group are called the Consulting Services team. This team provides custom development services to our clients. UX developers analyze our client’s needs and then design and implement customized solutions. In this role, you will:

●      Become proficient with Investortools’ industry leading software

●      Learn the world of fixed-income investments

●      Collaborate with our clients and our other internal teams

●      Analyze complex problems and build effective solutions

●      Write project proposals that clearly document client needs

●      Develop and deliver customization projects

●      Integrate our software into clients’ other systems and business processes

●      Improve fixed-income investment management through product improvements, based on what was learned from client customization

What You Will Need:

●      Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Economics, STEM, or similar fields

●      Strong analytical and problem solving skills

●      Desire to learn and support a robust software suite

●      Ability to focus on multiple on-going tasks

●      Strong writing and verbal communication skills


What Will Help You:

●      Coursework or experience in the financial industry

●      Strong mathematical aptitude

●      Software programming experience

●      Advanced Excel experience