Software Engineer

Software Engineers use C++, HTML/JavaScript, and Python to deliver a rich application framework that includes an object database, real-time replication, custom reports and graphs, extensive import and export format conversions, real-time FIX messaging, web services, Windows interfaces, and AJAX-based browser interfaces. Software engineers also maintain what they write, so are constantly refactoring to preserve code quality.

What You Will Do:

Software Engineers develop the front-end and back-end of Investortools’ financial software application platform. As a Software Engineer, you will:

 ●      Code in various languages, including C++, HTML/JavaScript, and Python

●      Work closely with client-facing personnel at Investortools to better understand the needs of the fixed income investment marketplace

●      Design, propose, communicate, and deploy complex solutions to real-world problems

●      Refactor existing code for performance and simplicity

●      Create new software features, both as customization and as general product enhancements

What You Will Need:

●      Intuitive problem-solving skills that finds clear solutions for complex problems

●      A desire to write fast, simple, and understandable code

●      A willingness to grow in skill as a developer and in domain knowledge

●      Effective communication skills in writing, on the phone, and in person

●      Productivity both individually and on a team


What Will Help You:

●      Programming coursework or experience

●      Development experience in open source projects

●      Strong mathematical aptitude