Financial Software Engineer

What You Will Do:

Financial Software Engineers belong to the Taxonomy Programming team at Investortools and are responsible for the classification and modeling of financial instruments in C++. As a group, Taxonomy Programming keeps Investortools products relevant in today’s changing financial environment and paves the way for expansion into new financial markets. In this role, you will:

●    Learn the world of fixed-income investments

●      Collaborate with team members to build accurate models of financial instruments

●      Write high-quality C++ code in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment

●      Collaborate with our Client Services team and our clients

●      Improve fixed-income investment management through precise analytics enabling Portfolio Managers to make better investment decisions

What You Will Need:

●      Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Sciences, or similar fields

●      Software programming coursework or experience, ideally C++

●      Strong mathematical aptitude and desire to learn and master the mathematics of finance

●      Meticulous analytical thinking and problem-solving skills

 What Will Help You:

●      Coursework or training in finance, statistics, or calculus

●      Ability to be self-directed

●      Advanced Excel experience

●      Strong written and verbal communication skills