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Energy Credit Manager

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Energy Credit and Counterparty Risk Management 

Energy Credit Manager (ECM) is a monthly subscription-based financial software package offering a powerful combination of standardized credit data, credit analytics, and counterparty risk management tools. Energy Credit Manager  is designed around the responsibilities of credit risk managers, credit analysts and associates.

Energy Credit Manager offers significant savings by reducing time devoted to collecting and fielding financial data, quickly assessing credit risk, and improving counterparty portfolio administration. One of ECM’s strengths is its striking ease of use.




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The energy credit manager is a due diligence tool to allow people to assess the financial risk of their customers and counterparties in the electric wholesale industry. Specifically it contains all of the information needed to calculate an implied rating and assign a credit limit.


The energy credit manager was created in response to deregulation in the energy market. People from the energy business started calling us looking for financial data and ratings. This information is needed to assign credit limits, and this prompted us, this need prompted us to create this product.


Two prominent features of the energy credit manager are the financial data and the credit scoring models. All of the information that is needed to establish a credit limit is contained in the database. The data is detailed, timely, reliable and most importantly transparent which allows the user to actually see the underlying document source that the information comes from. The credit scoring models are sector specific, so it is not a one size fits all, and they’re revalidated every year.


Users would be anyone that needs to measure the financial risk of their customers and counterparties. Specifically, people that fall under that category would be credit managers, analysts, consultants that work in the energy business. People use this product to collect and store their financial data, their ratings, and other information in a flexible credit tool.  They also use it to calculate implied ratings and credit limits, to automate their credit reviews to document how they arrived at their credit limit and to also manage those credit limits going forward along with their collateral.


The energy credit manager is all about saving people time and money.  The comprehensive database minimizes the time people need to devote to collecting data on their customers and counter parties. The risk measurements contained in our system also provide for better credit decisions, all in all these two factors are the primary benefits of this tool.


We can customize the system to speak with your other databases, things like your trading system and your accounting system. The idea being, bringing data into our database that you need to report on and vice versa.