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Investortools software is used by over 150 financial institutions to manage challenges unique to fixed income portfolio management.  Our customizable software enables firms to combine client-ready reporting with portfolio management, credit analysis, intelligent trading tools, compliance, return attribution, and SEC 2a-7 money fund stress-testing.

From a one-manager office to a firm managing tens of thousands of private accounts, Investortools software can be integrated with your existing processes and systems. Mutual funds, high net worth / SMA account managers, banks, and insurance companies are among the many firms that entrust Investortools to meet their needs.

Client service is a top priority at Investortools.  Our experienced Client Relationship Managers visit our clients on-site to better understand their challenges.  In addition, a growing list of Investortools data partners enables us to provide top-quality analytic information.  

  • Fixed Income Portfolio Management

    Our products are among the most widely-used in the industry. We provide presentation ready fixed income analytics, indexing, modeling and more.


    Some of the many features include:

    Option-adjusted duration and key rate durations.
    Total return contribution by security and within your portfolio structures.
    Portfolio presentations for oversight boards, clients, and prospective clients.
    Rules-based trade allocations and “model” portfolio manufacturing.
    Realized and unrealized gain / loss analysis at the tax-lot level.
    Exposure reporting of all kinds.
    SEC Rule 2a -7 compliance for money market funds (with stress testing).
    Compliance for individual private accounts and funds.
    Market data, including yield curves, index statistics, CPI data, paydown factors, and credit data.


  • Client Service & Customization

    All Investortools products are readily customized to our client’s specifications, and our customer support is considered among the best in the industry.


    Customization: Investortools systems are built upon an architecture that allows broad and efficient customization. One example of the use of customization is to integrate processes or data with our customers’ existing systems. More

    Client Support: Need help right now? Our experienced Client Relationship Managers provide instant telephone access, on site and web-based product training, report writing help, and more. 


  • Trading & Compliance

    Most single or multi-account trading and compliance problems are solved using the suite of features in our products.


    Perform FPC versions have these features that our regular Perform product does not:

    Client (or prospective client) presentation capabilities.
    Front end trading functionality to become a “front end” system.
    A Portfolio Rules feature to heed fixed income compliance boundaries.
    Portfolio linking to an index.
    Multi-account and exception-based reporting.
    Decision-based trade allocator (FPC-II version only).
    Portfolio strategy scoring model.


  • Credit and Benchmark-Risk Analysis

    Credit and benchmark-related risk are managed using our integrated credit analysis and index/portfolio attribution software.

    Monitor credit risk
    Risk vs. index benchmarks



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Incorporating taxes is vital to the correct analysis of municipal bonds, because the prices of discount munis are depressed by the tax payable at maturity by the buyer. Investortools has partnered with Andrew Kalotay Associates, the developer of patent-pending tax-aware analytics for munis, in order to bring this essential technology to our clients. Applications include rich/cheap analysis, risk management, and tax management.

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Investortools has prepared a white paper that describes a common approach to performance attribution and delves more deeply into the methods used by our Custom Index Manager software. Download the paper