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Investortools software is used by over 250 financial institutions to manage the challenges unique to fixed income portfolio management and credit analysis.  Customizable by design, our software enables streamlined and precise reporting, risk-return attribution, stress-testing, trading, compliance, and much more to meet your specific needs.

From a one-manager office to a firm managing tens of thousands of private accounts, Investortools software can be integrated with your existing processes and systems. Mutual funds, high net worth / SMA account managers, banks, and insurance companies are among the many firms that entrust Investortools to meet their needs.

In addition to working alongside a growing list of data partners to provide quality information, Client Service is a top priority.  Our experienced Client Relationship Managers visit our clients on-site to better understand their challenges and provide efficient solutions.  

Our products are among the most widely used in the fixed income industry. They provide presentation-ready analysis, indexing, modeling and more. Some of the portfolio management features include: • Rules and objectives-based trade allocation vs. client directives or model portfolio • Compliance rules for individual accounts and funds • Option-adjusted duration, key rates, and other key analytical metrics • Tax-affected analytics • Portfolio presentation features • Tax-lot analysis of gains and losses • Total return contribution by bond, with comparison to benchmark index returns • SEC rule 2a-7 compliance for money market funds, including stress testing • Current and historical market data, index statistics, CPI data, and others
Our customer support is considered among the industry’s best, and our products are readily customized to client specifications. Client Service: we call it “client service” because it’s not just ‘help desk’. • No-cost problem solving includes report creation and other software tasks. • Reach your assigned support expert on their direct line, or choose general help. • Client service experts travel to meet their clients on-site. Product Customization: architecture allows broad customization to client specifications. • Add new product fields to import additional data • Create integration with your existing systems • Replace important legacy functionality or complete systems
Many single or multi-account trading and compliance issues are addressed by our products. Certain Perform versions include operationally-oriented features, such as: • Client and prospective-client reporting, which can be tweaked to match your existing packages. • Trading functionality to become a ‘front end’ system. • A “Portfolio Rules” feature to heed compliance boundaries • Rules and objectives-based trade allocator incorporates logic to advance portfolios toward objectives • Multi-account, exception-based reporting
Credit and benchmark-related risk can be managed using integratable credit and index-related modules. Credit Risk: integrate the credit analysis and portfolio management functions with the CreditScope credit analysis and document management system. • Pre-formatted credit data, with access to scanned audit images • Department-wide document management features to make credit analysis electronically efficient. • Sector-wide and cross-sector analysis engine, with reports and graphs Index Benchmarking: compare sources of historical return and current risk using the Custom Index Manager software. • Index data is available at summary level or by-bond, depending on subscription • Analyze sources of total return versus an index, for portfolio management or oversight groups • Project the simulated index returns of certain index benchmarks • Combine benchmark index targets with portfolio trading, by integrating with rules and objectives-based trade engine logic [better way to say this?]
Portfolio management

Managing bond portfolios is no small task. We provide presentation ready analytics, indexing, modeling and more. Continue

Client services

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Customizable architecture

Investortools systems are built upon an architecture that allows broad and efficient customization. Continue

Credit Analysis

Credit data aggregation and
warehousing, trend analysis on key financial ratios, peer comparisons and more. Continue

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Investortools has prepared a white paper that describes a common approach to performance attribution and delves more deeply into the methods used by our Custom Index Manager software. Download the paper

The July 29 product release is available. The next release is scheduled for the end of August. Contact your client relationship manager for more information.

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